Shopping for a new baby is an adorable minefield of knitted booties and blankets, but what does a new arrival and tired new parents really need? We round up our favourite new baby gift ideas, from newborn sleepsuits and cute-as-a-button bonnets to nursery décor and gifts for a new mum too.

Choose 100% Organic

Cotton is one of the most sprayed crops in the world. A newborn's skin is very sensitive to chemicals and pesticides, so make sure you're buying 100% organic cotton. Only a small percentage of the cotton in a garment has to be from an organic source for it to be labelled "organic", so it's worth reading the labels in full. All our cotton baby sleepsuits and separates are 100% organic and Fair Trade too.

Buy Bigger Sizes

Small sizes are special for babes to wear in their first few months, but bigger sizes are really useful. At 6 months plus, the gifted clothes tend to dry up, so consider buying clothes for a little one to grow into.

Opt for Nursery Décor

Clothes aren’t your only option. Gifts for a new baby’s nursery are lovely. Try a cute cushion for a nursing chair, a quilted play mat or a print for their little space.

Think Practical

Sentimental gifts are lovely, but a new baby requires a lot of practical accessories. That’s not to say practical items can’t be beautiful too; our organic cotton changing mat ticks both boxes.

Consider Mum Too

A cooked meal delivered to the door, a stack of magazines or a natural (baby safe) scented candle, will make a new mother feel a bit more human in those exhausting early days.

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