March 13th, 2024

The sun might not be shining just yet, but the blossom is cheering springtime on and Easter is just around the corner (a little earlier this year). For me, Easter is simply a time to gather loved ones and celebrate in style; to dust off all your best tableware and make a festive song and dance about the food (it has to be slow-cooked lamb) and the table setting, because why not. In the spirit of spring soirees and celebrations, I’m sharing some of my favourite tips to elevate your Easter table.

Start with the linen

It all starts with a beautiful tablecloth and Easter is the perfect time to go all out with colour.

Experiment with pairing a more intricate print with a bold pattern, such as a floral with either a stripe or check. Look to our collection of Bonnie and Neil napery for inspiration, the Australian textile brand beloved of maximalist magpies. The brand’s designs are literally artworks for your table, painted and hand drawn by Bonnie and repurposed for screen printing. Here, we’ve paired a sweet clover print tablecloth with a green checkered napkin.

I also love the equally artistic designs of Ofelia Botella whose illustrations adorn this incredible tablecloth and matching lobster napkins.


How to Fold Easter Bunny Ear Napkins

An Instagram trend that was too sweet not to try... and doesn't cost a penny.

Simply fold your napkin on the diagonal, corner to corner, to make a triangle. Then, starting with the point of the triangle, tightly fold in or roll flat until you have one long napkin strip. Bend the napkin in half and wrap around a hard-boiled egg. Tie with twine or ribbon. Extra points for painting (or marbling if you're really fancy) the egg.

We used these lovely yellow striped napkins that felt very Easter-perfect. 


Add Interest

Layer your table linens with vibrant glassware and towering ceramics to add interest to your Easter table. Sculptural candlesticks and bowls of seasonal fruit add a playful twist, and you can never go wrong with fresh flowers.

When it comes to floral arrangements, I like to keep things simple, and it’s easy to do at this time of year when seasonal flowers are in abundance. Opt for smaller vases (or even little bottles or jars) down the centre of your table and fill with tulips, daffodils and hyacinths (which always smell amazing!). 


Serve Family-Style

You don’t have to be confined to a traditional layout. I love to serve banquet (or family) style. Gather all your different boards, platters and bowls for a glorious mix and match look and pile the food on for everyone to help themselves. Avoid trying to make everything look “perfect” and think about making your guests comfortable instead. 

Don’t Forget the Seasonal Accents 

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate eggs, and they’re the perfect way to finish your table. I love the sweet foiled type, simply scatter them all over your table or add to small glass bowls. Lunch running late? No problem, let your guests feast on chocolate eggs, it’s Easter after all!