Ziggy Cat


The Ziggy Cat by Donna Wilson is made from 100% lambswool with polyester stuffing and is suitable for ages 3+.

Hi, I’m Ziggy. I like hot dogs with mustard and am a huge fan of David Bowie.

Donna Wilson creatures are knitted in the UK using the softest lambswool. Handmade and embroidered, each creature has a name and their own personality, and we give each one a hug before sending it off to you.

  • Dimensions:  24 cm high
  • Dry clean only. Treat any soils or spills as soon as possible by soaking up any excess liquid and dabbing the soiled area with cold water.

Donna Wilson is a Scottish textile and product designer who established her studio in 2003. Her colourful, distinctive designs are inspired by a love of nature and a passion for craft and making.

Lambswool comes from the first shearing, meaning it’s the softest, downiest wool that wool that will ever come from the sheep. All of the yarns used to make Donna Wilson products are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are free from harmful dyes and other substances, and safe to be in contact with skin. The yarns are spun in a 200-year old, family-run mill in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines. 

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