Handmade Recycled Wine Glass | Jade


Jade Green Wine Glass

Made from hand blown, recycled glass, these wine glasses are crafted from colourful grass green glass with hundreds of tiny air bubbles. Each piece is hand made by skilled artisans and no two are exactly alike. They are dishwasher safe, making them perfect for every day use. 
Also available in a lighter green

*The density of the colour and the bubble intensity will vary from item to item, this is a natural part of their handmade production process and charm.
  • Made from colourful, recycled glass. 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 340 mL capacity 
  • 80 mm D x 110 mm H

When Jackie Piper and Victoria Whitbread discovered an old colour dictionary in an Oxfam shop, it began a journey to re-establish the long-forgotten British Colour Standard. First established in 1931, the brand had been out of use since the 1950s. A digital colour reader established a profile for the many hundreds of colours created and logged in the 1930s, including many historic and special Royal colours, designed for coronations and special events. Today, British Colour Standard champions eco, sustainable and Fairtrade products in the brand’s historic colours.

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